Continuing Competency Program Optional Tools

Click to view the following PDF documents:


  • Self-Assessment Form – is a fillable form of the CLXT Self-Assessment, including general instructions. Note: when clicking "more" for a link to that particular item in the Competency Guide, you MUST right click and open in a new tab. Otherwise when you come back to the fillable form your bullets will not be saved.


  • Self-Assessment Form (non-fillable) – this is a simple version of the CLXT Self-Assessment, including the instructions. Easily downloaded and printed.


  • DI Quality Assurance Log - for those that have no access to PeerVue or Tableau - please use this document for proof of completion. This is a review of imaging cases that are not your own; for learning purposes only, and is in no way a performance assessment tool. It allows technologists the ability to learn from image critique for review in positioning, technical factors, markers etc.