Council Meeting Highlights

March 22 2019

  • Governance Policies were reviewed and monitored with minor changes.
  • 2018 year end financial statements were presented by the Auditor. Council motioned to approve as presented.
  • Council discussed board size and the election process, and the importance of having a good variety of skills and abilities of its members.
  • As the ACCLXT operates as a regulatory body with specific requirements to protect the public interest, a motion was made and passed to change the term Mission Statement to Mandate. The Mandate itself remains the same.
  • Council held discussion on the College's requirements on Bill 21 and passed a motion to approve the new standard.
  • The group continued discussions on Advanced Practice and moving forward with the CSCLXT/National Collaboration.

May 24 2019

  • Council welcomed the newest Public Member, David Ellement.
  • Governance Policies were reviewed and monitored with minor changes.
  • Council prepped and held a live lunch and learn webinar. Approximately 113 Registrants were registered to attend. The webinar was recorded for Registrants who were unable to attend, and will be available on the ACCLXT website.
  • A motion was made and passed to increase the number of Council members to 8, beginning with the next election cycle.
  • A motion was passed to utilize the Registration Committee for this years’ Council member application and nomination process as a pilot project.
  • ACCLXT Executive Director/Registrar gave an update on Transfusion Medicine and CT. The updates were then included in the live webinar for Registrants.
  • Updates were presented to Council on College requirements for Bill 21.
  • An update was also presented regarding the College and the CSCLXT/National Collaboration, and the importance of Registrants understanding of the two entities.