Competency Corner May 2016

Competency Corner

The ACCLXT conference is complete for another year. There were a few changes this year to the format therefore I would like to clarify the credits for the conference and AGM. As these events were separate, there will be 1 credit for the AGM and 3 credits for the conference. You will see that there are activities listed for both of these items within the learning plan in the database.

The Random Competency Audit for 2015 brought about a lot of conversation regarding the audit process. As this was the first year to audit the 9 credit system we learned many things, the biggest and most important item being that the audit is too far removed from the learning year it is reviewing. The second being that the documents that were released for the new 9 credit system had not been understood and/or read.

The Registration and Competency Committee reviewed the credit guide and made changes and clarifications for the 2016 learning year – this was released in December of 2015. One of the main items of clarification was Mandatory annual workplace requirements – this seemed to be very confusing, so clarification there was key. The other change was to move the Random Audit closer to the time of completion of activities. This year we will be starting the audit process in June, the audit process will be the same as previous years aside from the date change. Audit selection will go out June 1 with all audits into the College by August 1st. If you have been selected for Audit you will receive an email and a phone call stating that you have been selected and giving you instructions for completion.