Registrants Review

Mandatory Annual Workplace Requirements (MAWR)

Audit 2015 was the first audit for the 9 credit competency system. One theme observed repeatedly throughout audit was the incorrect use of mandatory annual workplace requirements. It became apparent that the Guide for the 2014 year was not clear enough in regards to this item, so the guide has been updated and improved.  Due to the misunderstanding of what is acceptable, we have some additional information for you.

Mandatory annual workplace requirements mean any item that falls into annual review or requirements for you to be employed. This one credit encompasses all of these items, in the guide there is a list of some of the types of things that may be included in this category. Here are some tips about this activity…

a.        You may not enter each of these items separately for credit.

You can enter one or all items together, here is an example…

If audited you would submit the reports from Traccess and My Learning Link and the CAP and ALQEP challenges – you do not need to submit them all – as long as you have proof of one of the items that will be acceptable.


b.       You may not use a different activity as a work around, as you can only enter this activity one time.

c.         For AHS employees - My Learning Link, ACE (Annual Continuing Education) and Traccess items can be a little confusing, many of the required learning items do have a little quiz with the information – this does not mean that it is an educational course with assignments and or exams and it may not be entered as such.

d.       If you are not sure about an item – consider this, am I required by my employer to complete this review annually or every few years (TDG) – is this a condition of my employment?

Some items that would not be a part of this category are…

-          Webinar attendance  - lunch and learn ethics in the workplace - this would fall into the webinar activity

-          New hand washing criteria in-service – even though you are required to complete this it would not be an annual requirement

-          New system in use for send outs – you would learn this item once when you got it – it would not be annual

-          Optional learning items for Traccess or My Learning Link – ex. Hematology Review of Slides