Reinstatement Eligibility

If you have allowed your ACCLXT active status to lapse, your Active registration and permit was cancelled and you were moved to the cancelled roster. In order to reinstate back into the profession, many factors need to be reviewed.

If you have not practised for 2-3 years and had at least 750 hours of work in your last year of active practice visit MyACCLXT and begin application to the general Active roster. Permit fees are due upon application approval by the College.

If you have been inactive for 2-3 years but are unsure of your hours or if you been inactive for greater than 3 years visit MyACCLXT to begin your application. Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted by the College for further instructions and requirements.

Previous registrants who have let their registration lapse may apply to the Registrar to complete a mandated Refresher Program in order to obtain registration.