Profile and Status Change


To process a name change, log in to your MyACCLXT Registrant Database and update your new name in your profile. You will be required to upload supporting document(s) (Government issued photo ID; drivers license, passport etc). 

Once the College reviews and approves the submission, the name change will take effect.

Both of these updates can be done in your MyACCLXT database in your personal profile. 

If there is information that is not available as a drop down option (city, town, etc.) please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will add it to the main database.

Coming back from a leave? Going on a Leave?

Complete your Status Change Application in your MYACCLXT Database at least 2 weeks prior to your permit effective date. Once your application is approved by the College your invoice will be available for payment. Upon full payment of the invoice your new registration will be in effect. 

Click on Going on/Returning from Leave for more information.

We will email you when your registration change has been approved and will advise you of your required competencies etc.