Temporary Permit

Temporary Registrants

If you are:

  • A prospective registrant who needs to challenge and pass the ACCLXT Provincial Examination to complete registration requirements to obtain an Active registration and permit with the ACCLXT.
  • A student who has completed their training and has the opportunity of employment prior to challenging the ACCLXT Provincial Examination.
  • A candidate who is currently completing a mandated refresher program in order to be eligible for reinstatement into the ACCLXT.

…then you may be eligible to apply for an ACCLXT Temporary registration and permit.

An applicant who has completed NAIT or Sask Polytech training and has the opportunity of employment prior to challenging the ACCLXT Provincial Examination may be registered on the Temporary register.

ACCLXT Temporary permit applicants:

  • Must have completed the required program practicum.

Temporary Registrants:

⇒Recognized as a licensed CLXT, and may legally sign CLXT after their name and assume accountability and responsibility for their practice

⇒Practice within the policies of the employer and may complete applicable education in the employment setting

⇒Must comply with the CLXT Regulation, Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics of the profession.

⇒Must identify and seek guidance and direction when they find situations that are beyond their competence level

⇒Can perform restricted activities under direct, indirect or indirect remote supervision, at the discretion of the supervising regulated professional. The level of supervision must be agreed upon by both the supervising regulated professional and the Temporary Registrant.

    Direct,  indirect and indirect remote supervision involves the following:

Direct supervision means a registrant is present in the practice setting at the point of care. This means that the regulated member is providing supervision ‘at the side of’ the combined laboratory and x-ray technologist (CLXT) student, provisional CLXT employee, CLXT employee, or student of another regulated health profession.

Indirect supervision means a registrant is available for guidance and consultation but is not directly at the side of the CLXT student or provisional CLXT employee. This means that the registrant readily available or in the same location where the care is being provided.

Indirect remote supervision means that a registrant is available for consultation and guidance but is not physically present in the location where the care is being provided but is able to be contacted using technology. This means that the registrant may be available within the four walls of a facility or can be reached by telephone or other electronic means when the CLXT student or CLXT provisional employee needs verbal assistance or guidance in providing client care.

Temporary Permit

A Temporary permit expires 3-months from the effective date and may be extended for up to one year. Once a Temporary registrant successfully passes the ACCLXT Provincial Examination, the registrant must move to the Active register to obtain an ACCLXT Active Permit.

Once you are approved as an Exam Candidate you may apply for your Temporary registration and permit in the MyACCLXT database. You will need to include the following important documents with your application for Temporary Permit. Your application process will go much quicker and smoother if you have obtained these documents prior to application.

  • Encon Insurance Application (Errors and Omissions Insurance) – please ensure you fully complete #1-3 (a)(b), date and sign. Click here to obtain the application.
  • Two character declaration references. Click here to obtain the Character Declaration form. Ensure that each Character Declaration is completed and includes a full reference.

Note: the following are also required to be submitted with your application. 

  • Unofficial educational transcripts (official transcripts WILL be required upon successful graduation of your program). All ACCLXT Registrants are responsible to provide official educational transcripts in their first Learning Plan.
  • Criminal Reference check dated within 6 months of application.