Director's Digest February 2019

Practice Autonomy

As the role and scope of diagnostics expands in healthcare (especially rural health), we've seen an increase in the question "As a CLXT, am I allowed to do 'X'?"   

You can replace 'X' with a new lab test to a new employment role, and many other examples in between.  

Currently, when a person has a question about their practice or changes to their practice, there is no set process to follow for feedback. A Registrant contacts the College (usually via email), a review is performed and advice is provided.   

Upon review of the types of questions posed to the College, we came to the realization that we need to provide Registrants with a more standardized process regarding practice inquiries. And while situations will always arise where College advice is required, we want to provide more decision making autonomy to Registrants.  

With many thanks to the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta, we are currently adapting a Practice Decision tool to help Registrants decide if the practice/activity in question is appropriate for a CLXT to perform. 

This tool will consist of 6 questions: 

  • Is the role or activity consistent with CLXT competencies, legislation, regulation and professional standards? 
  • Are the competencies needed to perform the role or activity learned in entry-to-practice education? If not, does the CLXT have the post-basic education, training, or certification needed, including an ACCLXT Advanced Authorization if needed? 
  • Is the CLXT supported to perform the role or activity through employer policy and/or job description? 
  • Does the individual CLXT have the competence to perform the role or activity? 
  • Does the role or activity require additional clinical supports to be performed safely? 
  • Would a CLXT, using good judgment, perform the role or activity within this practice environment? 

As Registrants use the tool and work their way through the information and questions, the end result for the CLXT is:

  •  That they can perform the activity, or
  •  To stop and consult the College

We will also be releasing a Practice Review form in conjunction with the Practice Decision tool. This form is intended for Registrants, who, based on their answers to the Practice Decision tool, need to consult with the College. This form is not to replace the tool, as we will be specifically asking which Practice Decision question(s) require consultation and for what reason.  

The Practice Decision tool and form will be available late spring 2019.