Patient Concerns

As the regulatory body for the profession of Combined Laboratory and X-ray Technology, the ACCLXT is responsible for ensuring the ethical and professional treatment of the public that our Registrants serve. If a Registrant of the CLXT profession is not upholding the Standards of Practice set forth by the ACCLXT, a complaint may be filed with the College. All filed and verified complaints are processed as per Part 4 – Professional Conduct of the Health Professions Act.

The following information is intended for patients, family members of patients, co-workers, members of the public or other professionals.

In order for the ACCLXT to treat a matter as a complaint and commence an investigation under the Health Professions Act, we require the first and last name of the CLXT in question along with the details of the circumstances which led to the complaint, including dates, the names of any witnesses, and other pertinent information relevant to the complaint. We also require specific details regarding the act (or failure to act) that the complainant believes is unprofessional conduct. If you have supporting documentation, please provide copies.

The ACCLXT cannot respond to anonymous complaints. The complaint must include the complainant’s (the person filing the complaint) first and last name, mailing address, telephone number and signature. As there can only be one complainant in the complaints process, the person who signs the complaint will be the person directly involved with the matter. Other individuals would be considered witnesses should the matter be investigated.

We suggest the first thing you do if you have a concern is talk to the CLXT in question to see if you can resolve the issue yourself. If that doesn’t work, talk to the CLXT’s supervisor and follow any conflict resolution policies available within that facility or organization. This is usually the quickest and most effective way to resolve the issue at hand. Please be aware the complaints process may take several months depending on the complexity and severity of the complaint.

If after talking with the facility you still wish to proceed with a formal complaint with the ACCLXT, send the complaint letter Attention: Complaints Director to the address below:

Mail: ACCLXT- 2004 Sherwood Dr,. Sherwood Park, AB  T8A 0Z1

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The letter must be attached in a PDF format.

When we receive the signed Complaint:

  1. The College will contact you to verify the content of the complaint and we may ask you for further information at that time.
  2. The Complaints Director will decide how to proceed with the complaint.
  3. We will contact the CLXT in question and provide him/her with a copy of this complaint. All contact information will be removed, but your name will remain.