History of the College

The Alberta College of Combined Laboratory and X-Ray Technologists is a non-profit organization and is responsible for the registration, competency and discipline of all registered Combined Laboratory and X-Ray Technologists.

The Combined Laboratory and X-Ray Technology Program commenced in 1954 by the Department of Health and was offered at the Jasper Building in Edmonton. The objective of the program was to train technicians to serve small community hospitals with 15 to 60 beds. The program was unique in that students were able to perform basic radiography as well as basic lab procedures and ECG's.

On October 25, 1969 the inaugural meeting of the Alberta Society of Certified Combined Technicians (ASCCT) was held and the first Executive was elected.

In 1972 the CLXT program was moved to the Alberta Vocational Center (AVC) in Edmonton, under the Department of Health and Social Development.

In August 1975 the program came under the jurisdiction of the Medical Sciences Program at the Northern Institute of Technology (NAIT).

In 1987 we became the Alberta Association of Combined Laboratory and X-Ray Technicians (AACLXT) under the Health Disciplines Act.

In 1995 the CLXT program was moved from the AVC to the NAIT campus.

As the needs of rural health care facilities increase, CLXT's have been required to provide a broader list of services. To address this demand, NAIT has increased the CLXT program content and length and as of 2002 all graduates receive a Diploma in Lab and X-Ray Sciences. Past graduates have been able to participate in a bridging program and also receive their Diploma.

On April 1, 2006 we were proclaimed under the Health Professions Act and are now recognized as the Alberta College of Combined Laboratory and X-Ray Technologists (ACCLXT).


Graduates of the Combined Laboratory and X-Ray Technologist program typically find work in the rural hospitals, but are also employed in urban health centers, medical laboratories, and diagnostic imaging facilities.